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Amazing Marva Anita Horne began her ethereally celestial transition on May 13, 2017.

Born in 1947, in an Era of Conservatism in American history, on her Mother's birthday, October 7, young Marva was ushered into a progressive, flourishing middle class milieu. Marva's rearing and tutelage was fashioned and supported by both her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Horne, Sr. Her Mother, Mrs. E.J. Horne, a Master Cosmetologist, proprietor of Horne Beauty Salon, a society matron, Chairperson of her church's Deacon Board, charity proponent and mentor, certainly gave Marva an experience -based early lesson as a preschooler in sales dynamics; Marva was afforded her first entrepreneurial experience when young Marva would charmingly present beauty and hair care products from her Mother's Beauty Salon showcase for clientele purchase. Marva was amazing and charming even at such a young age. This experience engendered her early interest in a sales career, eventuating into a trailblazer accomplishment as the first AfricanAmerican sales manager at one of the prominent Federated stores local to West Palm Beach in the Seventies. While still in elementary school, young Marva was the only junior majorette who marched beside the senior majorettes for the local high school Marching Band. Ultimately, one of Marva's most significant and noteworthy professional opportunities, though, was predicated on her parents' progenitorial ideology that she and all of her siblings would serve humanity in the church and in the field of medicine. Marva would attend post-secondary school in Atlanta in preparation for becoming a medical receptionist and medical office manager for the Internal Medicine Physician Practice of her sister, Dr. R. Marie Horne, MD at Doctor's Pavilion in Nashville, working alongside sibling Nurse Practitioner, Barbara Horne Miller, and sibling Sandra Horne Knight, Office Staff Psychologist liaison and Administrative Assistant. Marva and her sibling, Nurse Practitioner, Barbara, would also assume the same duties for sibling, Dr. R. Marie Horne MD's practice, in association with Brooks County Hospital in Quitman. The siblings', Dad, Mr. Hilton Horne, Sr. a well-respected local trailblazer himself, would "prep" his daughter's Physician Office space at seven each morning, give the patients early entry into the Reception Area- some of which had traveled from other neighboring Georgia and Florida Counties from other neighboring Georgia and Florida Counties contiguous to Brooks County, before going to his primary job as the Headquarters Chief Shipping Clerk for ordering the national distribution inventory for the Suwannee Stores and Suwannee Swifty Store Chain during his lifetime. The South Georgia Grocery Company was so enamored of Mr. Horne and his exemplary work ethic and diversified contributions to the headquarters that one of the company presidents had desired that Daddy named, neonate Marva, Suwannee. Dad loved his Company but Mother's charm and wit prevailed and Marva fondly recalled that Suwannee could have easily been her first name. Dr. Horne's Brooks County Medical private practice alongside her sisters, represented a uniquely positive medical environ for small Quitman at that time. Mr. Hilton Horne, Sr., the consummate family provider, and their Mother, Mrs. E.J., taught Marva and her siblings the importance of exceptional work ethic, insightful visionary perspective and propagating the positive dynamic of real estate acquisitions, to propel the Horne Family's productive endeavors. Marva would also have the privilege of continuing her career as medical receptionist and office manager for her brother's Physician Practice of Internal Medicine in Dawson, Georgia, in addition. In a posture of comicality, jocularity and plain humor, Marva would remark to her Physician siblings, "You have the Medical Doctor degrees and 'boss' the office but I 'boss' the bosses because I handle your money." Marva was savvy at taking charge and could be authoritarian with charm. Marva was cultured, classy, compassionate, passionate, spiritually-reflective, an avid church loyalist, and archivist for the Horne Family history. Marva was an exceptional Event Planner canvassing each detail from the decorative motifs to the gourmet edibles. She had superlative organizational skill. She was a both an intrafamilial and extrafamilIal Mentor. Marva's life experiences were expansivefrom touring the White House in Washington as a pre-teen during the Sixties when the Horne Family vacationed and accompanied young Hilton Jr. to Howard University to begin his Pre-Med matriculation; accompanying her family to Canada in the Sixties on vacation; sharing in the pride of her brother, (Dr. Hilton Horne Jr. MD) as a young Howard University Choir participant, in associated Inaugural Presidential festivities, for then President John F. Kennedy; decades subsequent to that event, commensurately sharing the pride and joy of watching her only beloved progeny, Cameron Horne CoWart March as a part of the famed FAMU Marching 100, who strode in the Inaugural Parade of President Clinton; and when he entered the FAMU-FSU dual engineering program, eventually joining the ranks of the family, in opting for a career in the medical field also. Marva was an ardent Washington Street High School alumnus and Homecoming Queen in 1966. The aforementioned lifetime occurrences represent only a minuscule number of her lifetime joys. Family, Friends and Acquaintances bear witness to Marva's medical marvels in defying the medical odds, repeatedly over decades, through Deity's empowerment; our belief in the Inestimable Power of Prayer and the Strength of Spirituality are the Hallmarks surrounding her valorous battle encompassing much medical travail. Life's epithets and teachings remind us that life's joyful moments are oftentimes punctuated with adversity. How one reacts to this admixture of joy and pain in life, defines one's character. Marva had Amazing strength and Phenomenal stamina through God's Amazing Grace! Through horrendous pain, her superlative strength was tested but her prevail was numerous times, testimony to the Scriptural edict, "I can do all things through Christ Jesus which strengthens me." Biographical Scenario by Dr. R. Marie Horne MD.

Family and Friends celebrate the Amazing life of Marva which she leaves to perpetuate the Horne Family Legacy and which she vigorously embraced. Marva Anita Horne's family encompasses: A beloved Son, Cameron Horne CoWart (Demetra), Grandson, Christian Amir CoWart, her decedent Father, Mr. Hilton Horne, Sr., decedent Mother, Mrs E.J. Horne, decedent Brother, Dr. Hilton Horne, Jr. MD, decedent Sister, Barbara Horne Miller, NP, Sister, Dr. R. Marie Horne, MD, Sister, Sandra Horne Knight, BA (Phillip), Life Companion, Dennis CoWart, Nieces: Clara Knight (Roger), Solita Moran Frye, (Asa), Nephews: Malcolm Hilton Knight, Sol Moran (Diane), Hilton Horne III, (Jennifer), Grand-nieces: Nyla Liliana Lewis, Clarinda Moran Lei, Grand-nephews: Malakai Lewis, Quentin Moran, Marcus Moran, Atiba Rivera, Asa Frye, Amon Frye, Joshua Ethan Horne, God-sisters/god-daughters: Dr. Jaehneth Ewell-Taylor MD, Elizabeth Howell Tiller, Doctoral Candidate, Dr. Ariel Elizabeth Stearnes, MD, Raquel Rosalyn Stearnes, God-sisters: Tobitha Moran, Marilyn Miles, Flora Miles, Earnestine Rouland, Deaconess Gwen Shaw, Sandra Rentz, Dorothy Hampton Bacon, Karla Winfrey, God-sister/ cousin: Janelle Latney, God-mothers: Mary Wright Stevens, Florie Miles, God-brothers/godsons: Commissioner James Maxwell, Roderick Rouland, Ron Miles, and numerous beloved cousins and friends. Marva's Amazing life certainly enriched ours!

Marva Horne
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  • Friday, May 19, 2017
    Our staff will continue to keep your family in our prayers. We thank you for allowing us to serve your family.
    ~ Stevens-McGhee Funeral Home